Toll Collection Software Is To Integrate The Operational And Assist The Toll Collection Supervisors Manage Their Day-To-Day Work Efficiently And Generate Timely Billing And Audit Reports, It Can Generate The Toll Coupon According To The Classified. Toll Management System S/W Is A Front-End Application Exclusively Designed And Developed For Handling All The Toll Transactions Taking Place At Toll Plaza. TimeWatch Infocom Pvt Ltd Offers A Comprehensive, One-Stop Toll Management Software (TMS) To Meet All Of These Challenges Successfully And Lets You Centrally Manage All Your Toll Operations. It Is Also Highly Customizable Depending On Your Requirements. Toll The Executives In India Has A Few Remarkable Difficulties, Given That There Are Varieties In Tolling Rate Structures Crosswise Over Various Pieces Of The Nation, Alongside Various Sorts And Sizes Of Vehicles. There Are Also Specific Quite Certain And Stringent Prerequisites That A Toll The Board Framework Needs To Meet. This Is The Place Our TMS Effectively Addresses The Difficulty Head On.


  • Dynamic Lanes Creation Option
  • You Can Monitor The Tracking Through Our Web Based Software
  • Online Application And Android App For Central Data Analytic Server
  • Double Visual Confirmation Of Cost Exchange
  • Naturally Put Away The Cost Data
  • Lane Exchange Module

Integrated Features

Centralized And Real-Time Attendance Recording Software With Easy Online Management Of All Complex HR Tasks And Offer Completely Automated Process.
Save Time | Improved Visibility | Enhance Security | Increase Employee Productivity

Dynamic Lanes Creation Option

You can monitor the tracking through our Web based software

You can monitor the tracking through our Web based software

Online application and Android App for Central Data Analytic Server

Double visual confirmation of cost exchange

Naturally put away the cost data

Lane exchange module

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Parking Lot Management & Guidance System Gives Real Time Indication About Free Parking Spaces Available. The Parking Management Software Ties In With The Access Control System Like Automatic Gates, Barrier Controls, Ticketing Systems Etc. In Order To Offer Parking Management Software, The Facility Owner Need To Focus On Two Main Factors; First, They Are Required To Identify Their Unique Parking Area Requirements And Second, Strategies To Earn The Most From Their Parking Resources. Because Of The Significant Investment And Involvement In Parking Management, Most Of The Facility Owners Decide To Expand Their Resources. A Smart Parking Management System Is An Ideal Solution To Show Unoccupied Parking Spaces And Guide Parkers To Quickly Park In No Time. Typically Installed At Shopping Malls, Airports, Hospitals, Office Buildings, Residential Communities, Etc., SPMS Is Composed Of An Ultrasonic Sensor, Bay LED Indicator, LED Display, Data Collector, Center Processor, Software & Accessories.

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