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There Is Growing Trend In Which Biometric Devices Are Very Much In Demands For Schools. As These Devices Maintain A Disciple And Improve Security Features In The School. Biometric Have Many Different Use In The Field Of Education. They Are Used For Security, Attendance And Maintain A Proper Management At Different Education Centers. These Devices Are Very User –Friendly And Easy To Operate And Offers Lots Of Security Features. These Biometric Devices Also Help Many Institutions To Save Time And Money That Manual Attendance Requires. This Is The Reason That Biometrics Are Very Much In Demand For Education Sectors. We Offer Our Services To Large No Of Education Sectors.

Industry demands

  • Handling A Large Number Of Employees
  • Fast Processing To Manage The Flow Of People At Gateways
  • Scalability Over Multiple Access Points
  • Prevent Possible Time Theft & Buddy Punching
  • Eliminating The High Cost Of ID Card Issuance/Replacement
  • Operates Under Dynamic Lighting Conditions
  • Robust To Contaminated Fingerprints
  • Integration With HR/Payroll Systems
  • Intuitive GUI And Multi-Lingual Support For Various Ethnic Groups

Industry demands

  • Automate Time-Consuming Tasks
  • Eliminate Spoofing And Unauthorized Access
  • Improve Physical Security
  • Increase Efficiency
  • Evaluate The Progress Of Each Individuals
  • Allocate Shifts And Timings
  • Automate Payroll Processing

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Zkteco MINI AC

ZKTeco MB-360

ZKTeco K 40

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